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Men's Timberland Pro®
Alloy Toe ESD Powertrain Sport Black
Athletic Work Shoe
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Timberland PRO Shoes:  Alloy Toe ESD Powertrain Sport Black Athletic Work Shoes

If you have ever wished you could wear your favorite tennis shoes to work instead of your OSHA-approved work boots, Timberland PRO has an answer to your problems. With a reputation for lightweight, phenomenally comfortable work boots and shoes, the Timberland PRO Series has quickly become a top pick for workers. Anti-fatigue technology, light alloy safety toe caps, and a built-to-last sole make these Timberland PRO Men’s TB0A1B6U 001 Powertrain Sport Black Alloy Toe ESD Athletic Work Shoes the ideal pair for you. With every step, you'll enjoy the sturdy support and shock absorbing comfort of your new favorite work shoes.

The unique Timberland PRO polyurethane outsoles use BASF super lightweight PU and molded inverted cone anti-fatigue technology in these slip- and abrasion- resistant, static-dissipative outsoles. You'll love the low-density feel with plenty of flexible and traction to keep you moving. These conductive polyurethane outsoles for consistent static-dissipative performance are made specifically to keep you safe in certain work environments (but certain doesn’t hurt to have even if your job does not require ESD shoes). Lightweight, alloy toe caps protect your toes from workplace hazards and keep you compliant with workplace regulations without weighing you down like steel does. These alloy safety toes are made on the TiTAN last for plenty of toe space and a comfortable, consistent shape every time.

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